Company overview

Company overview


Founded in 2010, Shanghai Feimiao Trade Co., Ltd. is a cosmetic packaging manufacturer and trader dedicated to providing professional cosmetic packaging solutions for global cosmetic brands. With strong supply chain resources and years of experience in packaging material industry, we have successfully served more than 600 related companies.


We are proud to have our own manufacturing center–Shaoxing Shangyu Yastar Plastic Co., Ltd., which was put into production in 2011 and is equipped with a professional product design and R&D team.


We help you to customize, develop and produce cosmetic and foundation packaging materials, including acrylic, plastics and glass, as well as eco-friendly materials such as PETG and PCR .



Equipped with all kinds of advanced production facilities, an independent test lab and a sound quality system, our center has received ISO9001 certification.


Our customer-centric approach to technology and product improvement allows us to respond quickly to the ever-changing challenges from the market.